• We would like to present REMOR S.A. offer for manufacturing of welded steel structures up to 2 tons (ship equipment). Many years of activity on the shipbuilding market allowed us to get to know the specificity of this industry both in terms of technical requirements, quality and timeliness of deliveries. For over 50 years of activity we have become a well-known manufacturer on the market. Our main customers are domestic as well as foreign shipyards.

Yacht and ship equipment - professional elements.

konstrukcja stalowa na statku
element stalowy na statki do mocowania liny
drabinka stalowa do statku


Remor S.A. offers professional and complex yacht and ship equipment, including not only mooring groynes, but also brass locks and door handles.


We offer complex elements, distinguished by high quality and durability, which are appreciated by Polish and foreign shipyards. The prepared assortment includes:


In addition to full equipment of yachts and ships we also provide services related to the performance: