The sun gives us rays of sunlight, which processed give us what we need to function in today's world - electricity.
Functioning of energy networks based entirely on renewable energy in the near future will be a necessity and standard. Investment in photovoltaic installations is an excellent capital investment, which is characterized by a high rate of return.
In Poland, we have completed projects to build photovoltaic farms with a total capacity of over 16 MW, which corresponds to the demand for electricity of 6,400 average households. Our most important projects include solar farms in Gubin with a capacity of 1.8 MW, in Gdansk - 1.6 MW (where the investor was ENERGA), in Zelewo near Szczecin - 1.6 MW and in Kopytnik near Biala Podlaska - 1 MW. Thanks to the implementation of numerous foreign investments we are a highly respected brand in Europe and in the world.
In terms of financing the construction of solar farms are important contribution of grants from the European Union - they often cover a significant part of the cost of creating systems that provide alternative sources of energy. We invite to cooperation both organized groups of investors and people looking for partners - we provide assistance in connecting people who want to invest money in profitable photovoltaic projects.